Computer Science

Computer Science

TYPE: Major
DEPARTMENT: Mathematics and Computer Science Department

4-YEAR PATHWAY SAMPLE: Graduate in 4 Years

General Description

An integral part of our lives, technology is inescapable. Whether you're using an app or website, checking your email or simply making a phone call, you're interacting with technology numerous times a day.

A computer science major allows you to not just use technology but be on the forefront of making it. Engage in this growing field and learn the principles that will allow you to become a vital part of the future.

No matter your role with technology, a major in computer ccience at UW-Superior will prepare you with the background you need for cutting-edge jobs or graduate study.

The computer science major may be taken as a comprehensive major, requiring no minor or a on-comprehensive major, requiring a minor. Secondary education majors may minor in computer science for secondary certification.

Program Outcomes

Through a major in computer science at UW-Superior, you will:

  • Learn best practices in software development.
  • Understand the concepts, issues and algorithms of the design and implementation of modern operating systems.
  • Conduct various software and programming projects throughout the course of your studies, culminating in a senior capstone project.
  • Learn the principles and concepts of computer science while gaining problem-solving skills for real-world computational problems.

Career Opportunities

According to Michigan State University Career Services and the Collegiate Employee Research Institute, computer science is the fourth-most requested bachelor degree by employers and the second top job category for newly hired graduates.

Find a career as a:

  • Computer support specialist
  • Software skills developer and engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Computer programmer
  • Network or system administrator
  • Systems analyst
  • Software skills engineer
  • Web developer
  • Cyber analyst
  • Data architect

Did You Know?

  • Since 2003, three UW-Superior computer science graduates have been chosen to attend the Cybercorps security scholarship program, a highly selective program that leads to federal computer security certification and careers with federal agencies.
  • You can pursue individual research projects under the guidance of your professors.
  • As a computer science major, you will have access to an advanced computer lab.
  • You work with your faculty advisor to choose courses that best fit your goals for a career or advanced study.


  • Class of: 2019
    I’m always in touch with my instructors, and they will always help me. The class sizes help so much, and I feel like I’m getting more out of my education that way. Read more.
  • First Year at UWS: 1999
    Besides his teaching duties, Dr. Bezroukov conducts research in the area of discrete mathematics and microcontroller applications.
  • Class of: 2017
    I enjoy the education I receive from my professors and also being able to personally meet and discuss material with them. Read more.

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