2016-2017 Major Planning Sheets

Accounting (basic)
Art Education
Art History (basic)
Art Therapy
Biology (basic)
Biology Cell-Molecular
Biology Ecology Aquatic Fishery (basic)
Biology Plant Science
Biology Pre-Med and Health
Broad-Field Science
Broad-Field Science EA-A
Broad-Field Social Science History Concentration EA
Broad-Field Social Science Political Science Concentration (basic)
Business Administration - Finance Concentration
Business Administration - International Business Concentration (Comprehensive)
Business Administration - Management Concentration (comprehensive)
Business Administration - Marketing Concentration (comprehensive)
Business Administration (non-comprehensive)
Chemistry (comprehensive)
Chemistry EA-A
Chemistry Forensic (comprehensive)
Choral General Music Certification (basic)
Communication Digital Cinema Track (basic)
Communication Interactive Media Track (basic)
Communication Journalism Track (basic)
Communication Media Concentration (basic)
Computer Science (comprehensive basic)
Computer Science (non-comprehensive basic)
Criminal Justice (basic)
Economics (non-comprehensive basic)
English (non-comprehensive basic)
English EA-A (basic)
Health and Wellness Management Comprehensive (basic)
History (basic)
Instrumental Performance (basic)
Keyboard Performance (basic)
Legal Studies (basic)
Mathematics (basic)
Mathematics EA-A (basic)
Physical Education Community Health (basic)
Physical Education EC-A (basic)
Physical Education Exercise Science (basic)
Political Science (basic)
Pre-Engineering (basic)
Social Work (basic)
Sociology (basic)
Studio Art (basic)
Studio Art BFA (basic)
Sustainable Management
Transportation and Logistics Management
Voice Performance Track