TYPE: Major/Minor
DEPARTMENT: Writing and Library Science Department

LOCATION: On-Campus/Online
4-YEAR PATHWAY SAMPLE: Graduate in 4 Years

The best writers take new chances, seek feedback and have the ability to write articulately for every audience. The Writing Program at UW-Superior promotes this potential by providing a hands-on, active style of learning.

In small, workshop-style classes, you can expect to read widely, brainstorm, draft, peer review, get feedback and revise your writing in an encouraging and inventive atmosphere. 

A variety of projects in our courses are equal parts hard work and inspiration. This combination allows you to develop your skills and craft for writing in college and beyond. Gain experience by working on:

  • Dramatic scenes to be staged and read by your classmates
  • An investigative report on language controversies
  • Researched creative nonfiction essays on conversation
  • Journaling techniques with residents of a women's shelter
  • E-portfolios showcasing your work for job applicaitons

Program Outcomes

Through a Major or Minor in Writing at UW-Superior, you will:

  • Develop personalized strategies for generating ideas, drafting, revising and proofreading.
  • Engage in all stages of the writing process from invention to publication.
  • Understand and be able to use grammar and mechanics correctly.
  • Understand and be able to write for various purposes and audiences in a variety of genres.

Career Opportunities

Employers continue to rank writing as a top skill they expect from college graduates. As writing also applies to all industries, graduates of the UW-Superior Writing Program gain an upper-hand in the future job market. You can open the doors to many career possibilities to become a:

  • Creative writer
  • Technical writer
  • Editor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Journalist
  • Social media specialist
  • Grant writer 
  • Freelance writer
  • Magazine writer
  • Copy writer/editor
  • Marketing associate
  • Multimedia and new media writer/editor
  • Magazine writer
  • Book reviewer
  • Publications coordinator
  • Publisher's representative

Did You Know?

  • Instructors in the writing program are active, published writers in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and academic research.
  • Instructors are trained in student-centered teaching and offer individualized feedback on your writing in every class.
  • You will engage in collaborative classes and projects.
  • You will have numerous opportunities to write for local organizations through Academic Service-Learning experiences and internships.
  • You will participate in primary research through interviews, archival work, nature exploration and practice in a range of writing genres including poetry, fiction and travel writing.
  • The writing program offers and supports activities for student writers including the Twice-annual Visiting Writers Series of Careers in Writing Night and The Nemadji Review, a student written and published magazine.
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