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Student Caller Emily


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Student Caller Emily


Student Caller Emily

Emily, Junior at UWS, from Frederic, WI

What was your dream career choice when you were younger?

Emily Web 2I wanted to be a zoologist or photographer.

Why did you choose UW-Superior?

I really liked the campus and that the class sizes are small. The more personal interactions with professors is ideal for me.

What is your favorite thing about UWS?

It's a smaller campus, so you really get to know A LOT of people here. Everywhere I go, I bet I know someone or can recognize someone. Everyone's friendly here!

How are the classes at UWS?

The classes at UWS are great. You really get to know your professors and your classmates here.

Talk about the UWS Liberal Arts Component of your education?

It's nice to not have all Communications classes so I'm not just in one building all day. Having history classes and English classes make the day more interesting.

Where's the best place to study on campus?

Definitely the library! My favorite building on campus!

What do you enjoy doing the most on campus?

Hanging out with my friends at lunch and working out at the Wellness Center!

When you are not in class, where would we most likely find you?

At one of my jobs or at the library.

Favorite college class and why?

Keith Berry's Intercultural Communication class. It was a 3-week summer course, and it was just a laid-back, relaxing class. We had deep conversations and talked a lot about our cultural roots.

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