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Student Caller Mike


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Student Caller Mike


Student Caller Mike

Mike, Junior at UWS from Woodbury, MN


What was your dream career choice when you were younger? Mike Web 2

When I was younger, my dream career choice was initially to be a professional baseball AND hockey player. From the age of about 13 and on, however, I have been driven towards becoming a doctor.


Why did you choose UWS?

Initially I had been recruited to UW-Superior to play baseball.I did not know a lot about the campus but, the moment I started my campus tour, I knew I wanted to come. I am very drawn to the small class size and the amount of interpersonal relationships that the professors maintain with the students.

What is your favorite thing about UWS?

My favorite thing about UWS is the size of the campus. Though we are expanding rapidly (YU and Swenson Hall), UWS has been able to maintain the small-school atmosphere that allows me to have my education tailored to my likes and dislikes.You certainly are not just a number at UWS!

 How are the classes at UWS?

The majority of the classes at UWS (especially upper-division) are based around discussion.The great thing about this style of teaching is that you, the student, get to decide how the class goes. Professors are always willing to lend a helping hand to increase your understanding in areas of education.

 Talk about the UWS Liberal Arts Component of your education?

A liberal arts education is a turn-off to many.However, in my experiences with the field of science, you never know what, when or how information will affect your lifestyle.The liberal arts education allows each student the ability to graduate with a complete well-rounded education in many fields of study.The liberal arts system has affected me by allowing me to gain different perspectives when viewing problems or theories.

 Where's the best place to study on Campus?

By far the best place to study is the LIBRARY!Our library is very new and high tech.We have study rooms that can be rented by individuals or groups of people.These rooms is where I believe I have gained the most education because it allows me to have a quiet workspace where I can use the tools my professors gave me to teach myself and associate new knowledge to past knowledge.

What do you enjoy doing most on campus?

Sporting events! Being a smaller school, we have a tremendous amount of school pride.Coming to a sporting event and seeing the black and yellow in the stands gives me a great sense of pride about UWS.

 When you're not in class, where would we most likely find you?

During the winter time, you can most likely find me at the ski hills in the Duluth/Superior area.Also, I enjoy pick-up games of ice hockey and in the short spring we have, I love a round of 18 at the many golf course in Duluth/Superior.Studying, also, is a part of my time outside of class.

 Favorite college class and why?

Currently my favorite college class is my Psychology Senior Research course.In this course we are able to take all of the knowledge our previous professors have taught us and apply it to our own investigative experiment.It is a bit frightening at first but, that is all part of the college experience!

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