Transferring Credits and Articulation Agreements

We will work with you to transfer as many of your credits as possible from other universities, University of Wisconsin Colleges, Minnesota community colleges, community or tribal colleges, technical colleges, military programs or any other institutions.

Students can transfer courses from an accredited college, university or community college; as long as the courses are in a similar curricular with a grade of "D" or higher, the credit should transfer. Some degree programs require at least a "C" or higher in order to transfer. It's good practice to keep a copy of your course descriptions, syllabus and catalog from the college/university/community college where the courses were taken.

Generally, you can transfer up to 72 credits to UW-Superior. If you earn an associate's degree from a University of Wisconsin college or university or from an MNSCU, you will be considered as having fulfilled your general education requirements at UW-Superior.

**Note: For students transferring in for Teacher Education (Elementary, Secondary, PK-12), there may be specific general education knowledge requirements that the WI Department of Public Instruction wants students to cover that some Associates degrees do not include. Transfer advisors will work with interested students, with or without an Associates, to review transcripts and identify any needs early. Completion of most Associate of Arts and Associate of Sciences in WI and MN will meet most, if not all, of these. A full transcript review will be conducted as needed to look for the specific classes required for teacher licensing.

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Articulation Agreements

UW-Superiorworks with many community, vocational and tribal colleges to make it easy for you to transfer course credits to our university.

These "articulation agreements" generally enable you to transfer credits earned through an associate's degree program to UW-Superior to meet general education requirements. In some cases, we have articulation agreements on specific programs, such as accounting, social work and criminal justice.

This page includes links to the various agreements. For more information about these agreements, check with your college counselors or contact our Admissions Office.

Transfer Guides

UW System Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

Under the UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy, the following institutions offer either an Associate of Arts or Associate in Arts and Science Degree and are recognized as fully meeting the requirements of the UW-Superior General Education / University Studies requirements:

Universities and colleges:

  • University of Wisconsin Colleges: Associate in Arts / Arts and Science
  • University of Wisconsin universities: Associate in Arts / Arts and Science

Technical colleges:

  • Chippewa Valley Technical College: Liberal Arts – Associate in Science
  • Madison Area Technical College: Associate in Arts / Associate in Science
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College: Associate in Arts/ Lib Arts / Associate in Science
  • Western Technical College: Liberal Arts – Associate in Science
  • Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College: Associate in Arts / Science

Additional courses guaranteed for transfer can be found on the UW System Transfer Wizard and the Universal Credit Transfer Agreement page.

More guaranteed transfer agreements include:

Articulation Agreements

Transfer Credit by Institution

Credit for Military Training

Credit may be awarded for military experience or military school training. Depending on the branch of the military, students are requested to supply their military services transcript to the Admissions Office transfer coordinator. This is to have your military transcript reviewed according to American Council on Education standards for credit on your student record. To request your military transcript, go to the appropriate site:

Prior Learning Assessment

The University of Wisconsin-Superior offers students the opportunity to earn credit for non-collegiate-sponsored learning experiences such as on-the-job training, vocational-technical training, workshops or seminars attended, and independent study. Visit the Prior Learning Assessment website for more information.

UW-Superior Transfer Policy

For additional information, review the full transfer policy as stated in the UW-Superior Undergraduate Catalog.