UW Colleges Business Articulation Agreements

UW Colleges Business Articulation Agreements

University of Wisconsin-Superior


I. Students are strongly recommended to apply for admission to UW-Superior at least one semester before intended enrollment. Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to BUS/ECON (departments of Accounting, Finance, and Economics; Business Administration). Transfer students should consult their Academic Advisor early in their first semester at UWS to prepare for formal admission to the BUS/ECON program.

II. Non-course requirements for formal admission to BUS/ECON program: minimum of 33 credits completed and a cumulative GPA of 2.3.

III. Courses required for admission to the BUS/ECON program:

BUS 202
BUS 204
BUS 210
BUS 243
BUS 203
BUS 205
CPS 105-108(all)
ACCT 200
ACCT 201
BUS 235
BUS 270
ECON 251
ECON 250
CIS 108

One course from:

UWC: MAT 210,211,224
UWS: MATH 150,240,301


One course from:

UWC: MAT 110,210,211,224
UWS: MATH 104,150,240,301

NOTE: Two additional courses, UWS BUS 211 Business Law and FIN 102 Mathematics of Finance are also required but are unavailable in the UW-Center curriculum. UWC students may elect to complete the FIN 102 requirement through Credit by Exam at UW-Superior, but must complete BUS 211 BUSINESS LAW at UW-Superior. IV. Students must be admitted to BUS/ECON in order to enroll in 300/400-level courses. To be admitted, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics students must first:

  1. Earn overall GPA of 2.3.
  2. Complete UWS FIN 102(NA @ UWC) with a grade of C- or higher or Credit by Exam.
  3. Complete the following courses with a GPA of at least 2.0 and no more than one D:
    BUS 202 (UWS ACCT 200); BUS 204 (UWS ACCT 201); BUS 243 (UWS BUS 270); CIS 105-108 (UWS CIS 108); ECO 203,204 (UWS ECON 251, 250).
  4. Complete the following:
MAT 210 or 211 or 224 (UWS MAT 150 or 240 or 301) ENG 101, 102 (UWS ENGL 101, 102)
COM 103 (UWS COMM 110)


1. Students may not enroll in any of the courses listed in IV: 1-4 above on a PASS-FAIL basis.

Credits earned in MAT 110, 210, 211, or 224 apply towards the general education mathematics requirement.

2.All requirements stated above affect transfer as well as currently enrolled students. GPA computations will include grades earned at any or all previously attended colleges or universities. Grades of D in courses transferred to and repeated at UW-Superior will not be included in these computations.


The requirements listed for admission to BUS/ECON are waived for UWS BUS 370,380,382,387,399,404,406,407,411,499; ECON 480,481,485.


1. Students who wish to be admitted to 300/400-level courses must establish their eligibility during the preceding academic term. Details are available in Erlanson Hall 301.

2. A student who wishes to be exempted from any of the requirements for admission may petition the appropriate BUS/ECON Department Appeals Committee to that effect using established procedures. Exemptions will be granted in only the most exceptional cases.

V. UW-College System students who wish to transfer to UW-Superior and earn degrees in Accounting, Economics, Finance or Business

Administration would benefit from the completion of the Associate degree. A UW-College Associate degree will complete all

UW-Superior general education requirements.

Students who decide to transfer to UW-Superior before the completion of the UW-College Associate degree will need to fulfill all UWS general education requirements on a course-by-course, requirement-by-requirement basis. Current general education requirements include: 6 credits in English Composition, 3 credits in Public Speaking, 3-5 credits in Mathematics or Computer Science, 3 credits in Health and Wellness, 9 credits of Humanities (3 each from History, Literature and Humanities electives), 6 credits of Social Sciences (3 each from Contemporary Society and Human Behavior), 6 credits of Natural and Physical Sciences (to include one course emphasizing environmental science and one course emphasizing a laboratory science), and 6 credits of Fine and Applied Arts (3 each from Art History, Criticism, and Appreciation and Aesthetic Experience). Students should consult the current UW-Superior catalog for descriptions of specific courses which satisfy general education requirements.

A maximum of 72 semester credits will be accepted from the UW-College System.

VI. Contact the following individuals for specific information:

UW-Superior Admissions Office 715-394-8230 or admissions@uwsuper.edu