UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program

Guaranteed Transfer Program

Students participating in the UW-Colleges/UW-Superior Guaranteed Transfer Program may begin their university education at a UW-College and upon completion of sixty credits* be guaranteed admission to UW-Superior.

*The baccalaureate institution may make exceptions to the required number of credits for those majors/programs for which early transfer is recommended.

To be eligible to participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program students must:

I. Have matriculated as a new freshman at the University of Wisconsin Colleges.

  1. Submit a "Declaration of Intention" to participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program prior to the start of the sophomore year in the UW-Colleges (thirty credits).
  2. Complete the minimum number of credits required within three years of the time of matriculation at the UW-Colleges.
  3. Complete and submit to UW-Superior a UW System Application for Admission. Students must submit this application in accordance with the deadlines and enrollment procedures imposed for all transfer students and should note on the Application their participation in the Guaranteed Transfer Program.
  4. Maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average and a 2.0 in the term prior to transfer. UW-College students participating in the Guaranteed Transfer Program must meet the same criteria (e.g., G.P.A., course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors/programs as continuing UW-Superior students. The guarantee of admissions applies only to the institution, and not to the specific major or program. Students should consult an academic advisor to determine the required G.P.A. for their intended major/program.
  1. Students who do not participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program must meet the UW-Superior transfer requirements in effect at the time of application for transfer admission.
  2. The University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Transfer Policy (December 1995) states that students transferring to baccalaureate degree-granting institutions may generally transfer up to72 semester credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions. UW institutions may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. This does not alter the regulations concerning credits to be earned in residence at an institution.
  3. Students will be allowed to participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program with only one receiving institution.