UW Colleges Transfer Agreement

University of Wisconsin-Colleges
University of Wisconsin-Superior 

  1. There are thirteen University of Wisconsin Colleges within the University of Wisconsin System. Each UW Center campus offers freshman and sophomore courses that transfer to public and private universities and colleges. For the purposes of facilitating transfer between UW institutions, Associate Degrees awarded by UW institutions should include the minimum general education requirements defined by the UW System Board of Regents. In the interest of fostering cooperation between our institutions, to better serve the transfer of students from University of Wisconsin Colleges to the University of Wisconsin-Superior, hereby enter into this articulation agreement.
  2. The following articles delineate the understanding between the University of Wisconsin College System and the University of Wisconsin-Superior.
  1. Students transferring from University of Wisconsin Colleges to University of Wisconsin-Superior may generally transfer up to 72 semester credits earned at a UW-College. UW institutions may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. This does not alter the regulations concerning credits to be earned in residence at an institution.
  2. Students will be encouraged to complete the Associate of Arts and Science degree at a UW-College which will fulfill the University of Wisconsin-Superior general education requirements.

The following may not necessarily be satisfied by the Associate Degree:
  1. competency requirements or levels of proficiency in English composition, speech, and math established by UW-Superior.
  2. upper division general education courses normally required of continuing junior and senior students.
  3. general education courses that are prerequisites integral to a particular program or major and are required of continuing students (e.g., micro and macro economics for business majors).
  4. requirements mandated by external professional accrediting associations or program approving agencies (e.g., Department of Public Instruction, American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, National League for Nursing).
  1. Students who transfer with an Associate Degree awarded by a UW-College campus which includes an ethnic studies (cultural diversity) component will be considered to have satisfied the ethnic studies requirement at UW-Superior.
  2. Transfer credits will be evaluated by the receiving institution on a course-by-course basis for purposes other than determining satisfaction of general education breadth requirements.
  3. Students transferring from a UW-College campus will be treated as though they had been at UW-Superior as freshman and will be giving the same priorities and advantages as residential students providing they have met the Associate of Arts or Science degree at the UW-College.
  See also: the UW-College/UW-Superior Guaranteed Transfer Program.