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Exploring Majors and Academic Possibilities, IDS 297 Sec 931

Exploring Majors and Academic Possibilities, IDS 297 Sec 931

Center for Academic Advising

Exploring Majors and Academic Possibilities, IDS 297 Sec 931

FALL 2008


IDS 297, SEC 931; Class #4541

One, Two, or Three Credits-Pass/Fail

Register online or at the Registrar's window at the specified dates and times (check class schedule for details) OR in Center for Continuing Education, Main 102.  $13 lab fee covers cost of mandatory assessment.  Last Day to add is November 26, 2008.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Introduction to academic and major exploration.  Emphasis is on self-discovery and decision-making, as relate to personal preferences related to academic curriculum and major decisions.

OBJECTIVES:  1) To gain a better understanding of how current academic decisions impact major choices; 2) To gain an introductory level of understanding of personal Type preference, and how this affects long-term academic planning; and 3) To explore possible major options if undeclared/undecided, and/or confirm suitability of current major plan while learning to read/interpret degree progress requirements, and understanding personal preferences as they affect academic major and career directions.

TEXTS:  (available in the Bookstore)  Selecting a College Major; Exploration and Decision Making, Virginia N. Gordon and Susan J. Sears, Fifth Edition, Gorsuch Scarisbrick, Publishers, 1997

Introduction to Type in College, John K. DiTiberio and Allen L. Hammer, Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., 1993

REQUIRED SEMINAR:  Students are required to attend the course seminar on Wednesday, December 3, 2008, at 4:30 P.M. (location-TBA in the seminar section in Learn @ UW-Superior).  Students must have Completed the MBTI Inventory before the seminar.

COURSE ASSIGNMENTS:  All course assignments are posted on the Learn @ UW-Superior site.  Go to the UWS homepage and click on the left lower icon that says Learn @ UW-Superior.  Log in as you would for E-Hive or your UWS e-mail.  Once in, click on the IDS 297, Exploring Majors and Academic Possibilities (Sec 931) F08 for critical class syllabus information.  All assignments need to be filed in the appropriately numbered drop box.  It is your responsibility to access this site, and to know what is required for assignments, seminar, and deadlines.  ALL COURSE ASSIGNMENTS DUE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2008.


Mary Lee Vance, Ph.D. ▪Director▪ Center for Academic Advising & Disability Resources

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