Incomplete Policy

A grade of Incomplete (I) may be given by an instructor when a student has been engaged for a least two-thirds of the class, but has been prevented by emergency circumstances from completing the course.  There should be, in the judgment of the instructor, a reasonable probability that the student can complete the course successfully without again attending regular class sessions or needing extensive instructor supervision.

Beginning Fall Semester 2010, instructors who assign an I grade must submit a change of grade from (requesting the I be replaced by a regular grade A-F or P) by the end of the next Fall or Spring term.  If a grade change is not submitted by the last day of the subsequent term by the instructor who assigned the Incomplete grade per university policy, the Registrar's Office will lapse the Incomplete grade to a Failing (F) grade the day after the last day of the term.

Degrees will not be posted to transcripts if there are any Incomplete (I) grades listed on the transcript.  Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to ensure all I grades have been replaced with regular grades prior to applying for a degree.