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Fact Sheet Details

Individually Designed - Minor

UW-Superior offers the Individually Designed Major option for on-campus students and the Individually Designed Minor for students whose educational goals are not fully met by one of our existing majors or minors. UW-Superior also offers an Interdisciplinary Studies option for Distance Education Students whose job or family schedules require them to complete their bachelor's degree from home.

Following are examples of completed self-designed majors and minors:

• Sports Administration
• Human Relations
• Legal Administration
• Social Administration
• Human Services and Public Relations
• Wellness Administration
• Graphics Arts
• Human Health Services
• Information Literacy

To design a major or minor plan, a student works with a specially appointed advisory group that includes the student's academic advisor and at least two other faculty members. The University Credits Committee gives final approval to the plan. Students must meet certain requirements for grade point average and course credits completed before they can design a major or minor.

Program Features

• Individually designed majors and minors allow students to complete the degree that they want.
• Students gain multi-dimensional knowledge by incorporating several different areas of study into one Individually Designed Major or Individually Designed Minor.
• Students can make themselves more marketable to potential employers by having a broad base of skills and experience gained from incorporating several subjects into a major or a minor.

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