New Freshmen

New Freshmen student advisement and registration for Summer College is April 7, 2015, until the first day of class.  New freshmen who plan to continue their enrollment for Fall Semester will also be required to register for a SOAR event.

1.  If you are planning to take one or two summer classes to transfer to another institution, Center staff will verify that you have met any prerequisite requirements and assist you with registration. If you need instructor consent for any reason in order to enroll in a class, you will be given the instructor's name and contact information. It is the student's responsibility to obtain instructor permission when necessary for registration purposes. Center staff will assist you with registration.

2.  If you are registering for Summer College and Fall Semester, fill out and submit the SOAR form. Once the form is received, your record will be activated and your advisor's name and contact information will be sent to your UWS email. It is your responsibility to schedule an advisement appointment with your advisor and to keep the appointment. You will register for Summer College with your advisor; however, you will be required to attend a new freshmen SOAR Orientation session to enroll for fall classes.

Scheduling your summer advisement session: If you leave a phone message and/or e-mail for your advisor but you don't receive a response within three business days, contact the Center Office at 715 394-8515 or via email for assistance.

Center Staff will also check to see if you need to take a math and/or English Placement test. Students needing to take a placement test will need to contact the Testing Office at 715 394-8087 or via their web site at to schedule the appropriate test.

We hope this information is of assistance to you. If you have further questions, contact the Center Office at

Summer Class Schedule