Brian "Scotty" Thomson

Induction Year: 2007

Brian Scotty Thomson

 Recipient of the Carl Vergamini Award for Contributions to Yellowjacket Athletics 

Brian "Scotty" Thomson has volunteered countless hours for more than a decade to serve as the "unofficial official photographer" for Yellowjacket athletics.

A longtime fan of Yellowjacket hockey, Mr. Thomson began by photographing hockey games and presenting photos to the players. Today he provides all team photos, individual player photos and action photos for Yellowjacket media guides, the Yellowjacket website, and campus display areas as well as providing photos to the news media and to related websites. He also provides most athletes with a compact disk containing a selection of photos he has taken of them during their season of competition.

Mr. Thomson attends nearly all home games for all teams, and frequently accompanies teams to road games. Shooting and preparing photos requires an estimated five hours for each game, so his work amounts to hundreds of hours every year. All of this he donates to the athletes, the university and the athletic program with only minimal reimbursement for supplies.

Mr. Thomson notes that he has fun and enjoys helping the university, particularly "working with the great young men and women athletes."