Dave Oviatt

Induction Year: 1998

Dave Oviatt

While attending UW-Superior in the late `60s, Dave Oviatt gained an appreciation for athletics through watching his friends on the hockey team.

"I was a skater as a kid, but there was no organized hockey where I was," he said. "I gained a better understanding and liking for the sport throughout college."

After graduating in 1968, Mr. Oviatt went to work for the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway and has been a supervisor there since 1969. He currently is posted in Two Harbors, Minn., and has done everything from working as train master to a member of the rules committee.

Remembering his roots, Mr. Oviatt became a key member of the Blue Line Club in the mid-1970s. Today the organization is known as 'Jacket Ice, and Mr. Oviatt still leads big fund-raising campaigns and helps the players.

"One of my favorite things is going on the road with the the team," he said. "I especially enjoy playing Lake Forest in Chicago, and Bemidji State."

Mr. Oviatt has been a key supporter of the booster club and Yellowjacket athletics. Now that the university had added women's hockey, he plans to include the new team in his love for the sport.