David A. Karpenske

Induction Year: 2001

David A. Karpenske

When inducted into the Hall of Fame, David A. Karpenske of Comstock, Wis., had wrestled and coached wrestlers since 1957, including a four-year stint as one of the outstanding wrestlers of Wisconsin State University Superior.

Mr. Karpenske came to Superior with a impressive list of victories compiled as a wrestler in high school, two years of college, and three years in the U.S. Army. At Superior he built a record of 36 wins and 7 losses. He was state intercollegiate runner-up in 1966 and 1967, and conference champion in 1968. He began his coaching career as an assistant to Coach Mertz Mortorelli in 1968-69.

Mr. Karpenske earned a bachelor of science degree in English and a minor in physical education, graduating in 1969 with a 3.1 grade point average. He later earned a master's degree from UW-Eau Claire and took additional education courses there and at the College of St. Thomas.

After graduating, Mr. Karpenske taught English and reading for 32 years, retiring in 1998. During many of those years he also coached high school wrestling, including a nine-year stint at Glenwood City, Wis., where his team built an 83-17 record. Most recently, he has served a varsity wrestling coach in Cumberland, Wis.