Dick DeZur

Induction Year: 2004

Dick DeZur

Dick DeZur was among the all-time great Yellowjacket basketball players.

Mr. DeZur played basketball from 1964 to 1968. He was a consistent scorer but mainly earned his fame as a record-setting rebounder. In 1966 he set the individual single-game record with 28 rebounds against Platteville, then broke the record the following year with 29 against River Falls. In 1966, he made 297 rebounds, averaging a record-setting 18.56 per game, and in 1967 had 341 rebounds, averaging 16.2 per game. His skills enabled him to lead the Wisconsin State University Conference in rebounding for two seasons. Over the course of his university career, he accumulated more than 900 rebounds.

After graduating in 1969, Mr. DeZur began an elementary education career that lasted 32 years. He coached sports at the elementary level and guided children in numerous after-school activities.

Along with teaching, Mr. DeZur served in a wide range of school governance committees and spent 25 years as an assistant principal. In 1988 he was named the elementary school teacher of the year for the Neenah Joint School District. Mr. DeZur retired in 2001.