Dr. Janet S. Dufek

Induction Year: 2007

Dr. Janet S. Dufek

Inducted as Recipient of the Lydia Thering Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Janet S. Dufek has taken the lessons learned as a Yellowjacket athlete and applied them to a successful career as a businesswoman, researcher and educator. She is inducted into the Hall of Fame as recipient of the Lydia C. Thering Meritorious Service Award, which is named for one of UW-Superior's pioneers in women's athletics and physical education.

Dr. Dufek competed in Yellowjacket athletics during her three years on campus before graduating in 1981 with a major in Physical Education. She was introduced to and became involved in research while completing her master's degree, which led her to a position in biomechanics research at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. After completing her doctorate degree at the University of Oregon, she served at that university for eight years as a faculty member in biomechanics.

She left the university to work with her husband in developing their research and consulting business, Human Performance & Wellness Inc. She is responsible for exercise equipment evaluations that their company provides for the fitness industry. Her contributions have included developmental work on the first elliptical trainer, evaluations of various pieces of exercise equipment, and footwear evaluations for leading numerous manufacturers.

In her academic work, she has published more than 35 peer-reviewed papers and delivered more than 100 presentations nationally and internationally. Most recently, she accepted a request from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to assist with biomechanics and direct the university's Biomechanics Research Laboratory while continuing her role as research scientist for her business.

Although no longer a competitive basketball player, she makes time for daily exercise, using the health and wellness concepts about the physical, social and psychological benefits of physical activity that were instilled upon her at UW-Superior.