Dr. Joseph Mengel

Induction Year: 2003

Dr. Joseph Mengel

Recipient of the Carl Vergamini Contributions to Yellowjacket Athletics Award

Joseph Mengel of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, was faculty athletic representative from 1963 to 1979, playing a crucial role in the University of Wisconsin-Superior's athletic program.

As faculty athletic representative, Dr. Mengel served as the link between the athletic program and the university administration. The job was a difficult one, performed during years of increasingly formal conference requirements and challenges in funding and enrollment. Dr. Mengel vigorously performed this time-consuming assignment in addition to his full-time role of teaching exploration geology.

In his far-ranging role, Dr. Mengel worked with Athletic Director Mertz Mortorelli on finances, conference rules and student discipline. He was responsible for all athletic events -- everything from arranging for game security to negotiating laundry contracts.

On a broader scale, Dr. Mengel worked with his counterparts on other Wisconsin campuses to settle eligibility disputes, schedule games and define rules. He addressed the Board of Regents on athletic funding and sought support on campus from student fees. He also represented the university in the formation of both a statewide athletic conference and a hockey conference.