Jerry Schnell

Induction Year: 2013

Jerry Schnell

When it comes to sporting events, the events that transpire on the field, court or ice are only part of the story - they represent only one facet of a game's atmosphere. Other factors such as music and venue also play a role in people's overall enjoyment of the game. Another part of the game day experience, one that has been near and dear to people at UW-Superior for decades, is the school mascot, today known as Buzz.

It takes a special person to wear a mascot uniform, and UW-Superior at one time enjoyed one of the most special in Jerry Schnell. For his contributions to UW-Superior Athletics, both as a mascot and a longtime sports fan, Mr. Schnell is inducted to the UW-Superior Hall of Fame in 2013 as the recipient of the Carl Vergamini Award for Contributions to Yellowjacket Athletics.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mr. Schnell entertained the masses on the sidelines while the "Killer B's" electrified people on the court. Crowds went wild when the mascot made his entrance and it wasn't rare for kids to stand in line for the chance to get his autograph or pose for a photo, to which Mr. Schnell always obliged.

And he did all of this beyond his time of being a student at UW-Superior, which started in 1963.

Mr. Schnell has never lost his zest and passion for Yellowjacket Athletics. Today, he can still be found attending Chamber of Commerce and other community events, running hospitality rooms and of course, attending Yellowjacket sporting events.

Mr. Schnell brings to life the phrase that you can take the man out of the Yellowjacket, but you can never take the Yellowjacket out of the man.