Julie Peterson BeBeau

Induction Year: 2009

Julie Peterson BeBeau

Recipient of the Lydia C. Thering Meritorious Service Award

Julie Peterson BeBeau used the skills and knowledge she acquired at UW-Superior to teach young people the importance of fitness, health and wellness, and to spread that teaching throughout the school district at which she is employed. She is inducted into the Hall of Fame as recipient of the Lydia C. Thering Meritorious Service Award, which is named for one of UW-Superior's pioneers in women's athletics and physical education.

As a student, Ms. BeBeau played for the Yellowjacket women's basketball team and was named captain of the women's cross country team. After graduating in 1986, she was hired to teach physical education at the elementary and middle school levels for the Ashland, Wisconsin, public schools.

Ms. BeBeau completed her master's degree at UW-Superior in 1996. She continued teaching middle school students until 2004, when her position was eliminated. She returned to teaching at the district's elementary schools and quickly realized the curriculum was outdated. She researched the Wisconsin school districts that offered the best physical education programs and passed that information along to her supervisors.

Her actions prompted change. In 2006 the Ashland school district re-wrote its physical education curriculum to incorporate teaching about lifetime health and fitness skills.

Ms. BeBeau continues to teach her young students about the importance of cardiovascular exercise, strength exercise, and lifetime health and fitness habits.