Lisa Jean Gasior

Induction Year: 2008

Lisa Jean Gasior

Recipient of the Lydia Thering Meritorious Service Award

Lisa Jean Gasior has used the skills and knowledge she acquired at UW-Superior as an educator, exercise specialist, researcher and life-saver. She is inducted into the Hall of Fame as recipient of the Lydia C. Thering Meritorious Service Award, which is named for one of UW-Superior's pioneers in women's athletics and physical education.

After graduating in December 1996, Ms. Gasior taught physical education, adaptive physical education and health to junior high school and high school students, encouraging them to be active outside the classroom. She also coached athletic teams and taught summer fitness classes.

After earning a master's degree in cardiopulmonary exercise physiology in 2005, Ms. Gasior became the first exercise physiologist on the staff of Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach, Missouri. She is implementing a wellness program for the hospital and its regional clinics. She educates groups and individual patients about the importance of exercise and healthy diet, and sets up exercise plans for hospital employees, their families and participants in the hospital's wellness program. She was instrumental in beginning the hospital's Trim Kids program. She also continues to work with youth sports teams as a volunteer coach

Ms. Gasior has written articles for two fitness publications, and published her study on "The Effects of Music, Rhythmic Beats and White Sound on Exercise Performance."

n the ultimate skill test, Ms. Gasior is credited with saving the life of a man who had suffered cardiac arrest by performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation until help arrived.