Alumni Association


  • Autumn Gray

    Faculty and staff helped me explore options for creating my own major that plays on my own strengths." Read More
    Autumn Gray
  • Andrea Yezek

    It was rewarding to put my experience from being a student employee and taking what I have learned in the classroom and putting that into action. Read More
    Andrea Yezek
  • Katie Youngberg

    You can really get your name out there, and it’s hands down the best thing about the Transportation and Logistics Management program. Read More
    Katie Youngberg
  • Abby Pittman

    The professors get to know you and are very responsive to questions. Letters of recommendation were easy to ask for." Read More
    Abby Pittman
  • Codi Gleesing

    I was engaged, exposed to diversity and more social than I usually am. Read More
    Codi Gleesing