The Original 100 Outstanding Alumni

In celebration of the University’s 100th Anniversary in 1993, the Alumni Association honored the 100 Outstanding Alumni listed below. In recognition of this year’s 125th Anniversary, an additional 25 Outstanding Alumni will be announced during the All-Class Reunion.

Helen “Missy” Adams, Class of 1952 - 1961 National Teacher of the Year.

Charles F. Anderson, Class of 1903 - Dean of the University of Wisconsin College of Education.

David G. Anderson, Class of 1978 - Regional, State and Federal government and political leader, Alumni and Foundation leader.

David J. Anderson, Class of 1965 - Pharmaceutical researcher and manager with Abbott Laboratories.

Rudy Anderson, Class of 1924 - Attorney, community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Hisao Arimura, Class of 1974 - Professor, creator of exchange programs between UW-Superior and Kobe Yamate Junior College.

Eldon W. Balko, Class of 1953 - Choir conductor, music professor at Valparaiso University.

Harris L. Balko, Class of 1954 - Choir conductor, music professor at UW-Superior.

Carol M. Erickson Banker, Class of 1975 - Science educator, Alumni leader.

Gary C. Banker, Class of 1974 - English educator, playwright, author, Alumni leader.

Jerold P. Bauch, Class of 1958 - Professor, researcher, editor at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.

John Beecroft, Class of 1922 - Editor of the Literary Guild Book Club.

Richard I. Bong - World War II “Ace of Aces”.

Andy Borg, Class of 1933 - Attorney, National VFW Commander.

Karen Brandser Boubel, Class of 1972 - Music professor, Vice President at MSU-Mankato.

Frank Boyle, Class of 1967 - Wisconsin State Representative, Superior Days in Madison founder.

Anthony V. Bukoski, Class of 1966 - Polish-American author, writing professor at UW-Superior.

Oscar K. Buros, Class of 1924 - Education and psychology researcher, creator of Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Lee Ilhee Chai, Class of 1981 - International clarinet performer, professor at Pennsylvania State University. Music Director and Conductor with Cherry Symphony and Orchestra.

Dan Conway, Class of 1963 - Cross-country and track coach, multiple world and national records in master’s track and field.

Darryl E. Coons, Class of 1957 - Business leader, president of Minnesota Forest Industries, Alumni leader.

Charles William Cronk, Class of 1976 - Actor and professional mime.

Charles H. Crownhart - Progressive movement leader, State Normal Schools regent.

John O. Danielson, Class of 1940 - Vice Chancellor for Administration at UW-Superior, community leader.

William M. Downs, Jr. - Business, community, and Alumni leader.

Barbara Tendrup Erickson, Class of 1968 - UW-Superior Registrar, athletics proponent, and Alumni leader.

Richard D. Erickson, Class of 1972 - Professional church musician, professor at Eastman School of Music.

Stephen B. Erickson, Class of 1970 - Broadcaster, communications professor at College of St. Scholastica, Alumni leader.

Jack Evens, Class of 1959 - UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame charter inductee, award-winning Bloomington Jefferson (MN) basketball coach.

Ernest R. Fiedler, Class of 1930 - Administrator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

James M. Foote, Class of 1978 - Vice president of Canadian National Railway.

John D. Fortier, Class of 1967 - Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction for Wisconsin, coach of award winning debate teams.

Lila Frodesen, Class of 1978 - Fashion industry executive.

Robert B. Froehlich, Class of 1969 - School superintendent, president of Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators.

Chrisanne Gates Yule, Class of 1979 - Church musician and choir director.

Elizabeth “Liz” Gray Larson - Musical theatre performer, choreographer and actor.

Bruce C. Hagen, Class of 1969 - Superior mayor, state agency administrator, governor’s chief of staff.

Harold P. Hanson, Class of 1942 - Provost at Boston University and Wayne State University.

John C. Haugland, Class of 1954 - Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW-Superior, community leader.

Linda Lombard Hines, Class of 1973 - Gymnastics coach, volunteer of the year for Minnesota Special Olympics, Alumni leader.

Paul Holden - Insurance executive, community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Mary E. Hubler, Class of 1973 - Wisconsin State Representative.

Bob Jauch - Wisconsin State Senator.

Fred Edward Johnson, Class of 1975 - School superintendent.

Jean Yeakey Johnson, Class of 1944 - Music teacher, professor of music at UW-Superior, community music leader.

Kenneth R. Johnson, Class of 1968 - Surgeon, professor of surgery at University of Arizona.

Nancy Lovkvist Johnson, Class of 1969 - Vice President of American Family Insurance, state government efficiency consultant, community leader, Foundation leader.

Glenn Karwoski, Class of 1979 - Marketing executive.

Calvin E. Kessler, Class of 1955 - President of Kessler Industries and related manufacturing companies.

Betty Lange Kossak, Class of 1951 - Educator, musician, Alumni leader.

Edward E. Kossak, Class of 1965 - Special educator, President of Superior Vocations Center, Alumni leader.

William Kremer, Class of 1968 - Chair of the Art Department at Notre Dame University.

Carol E. Landis - Science educator, archaeologist.

Max H. Lavine, Class of 1924 - Newspaper manager, community leader.

Katharine F. Lenroot, Class of 1909 - Chief of the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Joseph T. Leszcynski, Class of 1932 - Superior Parks & Recreation director, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.

R. Daniel Little, Class of 1969 - Medical researcher and professor.

Roger Lowney, Class of 1959 - Superintendent of Merrill School District, education consultant.

Gordon MacQuarrie, Class of 1922 - Outdoor columnist and author.

Thomas W. MacQuarrie, Class of 1900 - President of San Jose State Teachers College.

Patrice “Patty” Martin, Class of 1985 - Supervisor of medical laboratories in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

William J. McCoshen, Class of 1985 - Governor’s state policy director, political consultant.

Charles C. McDonald, Class of 1956- US Air Force General and Commander, Air Force Logistics Command.

John M. McFaul, Class of 1968 - Financial consultant, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, community leader, Alumni leader.

Frank F. McGinnis, Class of 1955 - Professor and President, California Association of Professional Music Teachers.

Edward Muelemans, Class of 1970 - Superior Catholic Schools superintendent, Alumni leader.

Douglas Moodie, Class of 1936 - Judge, state judicial leader, community leader, Alumni and Foundation leader.

Americo “Mertz” Mortorelli, Class of 1949 - Athletic director at UW-Superior, founder of and inductee of UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame, coach of football, track, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and golf, youth sports organizer.

Dom A. Moselle, Class of 1950 - Green Bay Packer, physical education professor and coach at UW-Superior.

Sharon L. Parish Nelson, Class of 1975 - Science educator.

Stanley A. Ostazeski, Class of 1952 - US Department of Agriculture research plant pathologist.

David F. Oviatt, Class of 1968 - Railroad professional, athletics proponent, and Alumni leader.

Connie Horyza Peterson, Class of 1970 - Colorado district judge, Foundation leader.

Donald C. Peterson, Class of 1951 - US Air Force Colonel, career-planning director at University of Michigan College of Engineer.

George Rehnstrand, Class of 1946 - Principal with Hayward Community Schools.

Ann M. Rock, Class of 1971 Physician, professor at University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth, UW-Superior Foundation leader.

Robert C. Romans, Class of 1965 - Biology professor at Bowling Green State University.

Angus B. Rothwell, Class of 1930 - Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, executive director of Coordinating Council for Higher Education, State Universities Regent.

Raymond E. Russell - Community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Dale H. Schaapveld, Class of 1966 - Educator, Vice President of Wisconsin Federation of Teachers.

Donald L. Schmidt, Class of 1952 - Scientist, invented the spacecraft heat shield for US space flights.

Elizabeth C. Schmidt, Class of 1980 - Nursing instructor, peace and social justice advocate.

Fritz Scholder, Class of 1957 - Internationally recognized Native American artist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Class of 1979 - Bodybuilding champion, actor, Governor of California.

Helga Samuelson Skogsbergh, Class of 1911 - Author of pioneer history.

Pamela Solberg-Tapper, Class of 1975 - Wellness advocate.

Brian Stuart, Class of 1968 - Member of US Army Band, Off-Broadway performer.

Doug Sutherland, Class of 1970 - Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle, veteran of three Super Bowls.

Kathryn Elizabeth Taylor, Class of 1973 - Orchestral performer, member of Borealis Wind Quintet.

Louis J. Thompson, Class of 1957 - Educator, school administrator, Superior school board leader.

Ira Tubbs - Athletic director, football innovator.

Steven J. Uchytil, Class of 1979 - Oil and gas geologist.

Jennifer L. Viets, Class of 1982 - Executive Director of ArtsConnect Chicago.

Dawn R. Mosconi Voegeli, Class of 1976 - Radiologist with Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

Anna Wallin, Class of 1908 - Rural teacher, centenarian.

Grace Walsh, Class of 1932- Professor of speech at UW-Eau Claire, coach of award winning speaking and debate teams.

Jerome F. Wartgow, Class of 1964 - President, Colorado Community College System.

E. James Whittier, Class of 1952 - Executive Vice President of Pacific Mutual Life Insurance, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee.

Paul L. Witkin - Attorney, community leader, UW-Superior Foundation leader.

Tony Yaworski, Class of 1935 - Art instructor for Superior Schools, UW-Madison, WITC, and muralist.