100 Outstanding Alumni (1993)

In celebration of the University’s 100th Anniversary in 1993, the Alumni Association honored the 100 Outstanding Alumni listed below. In recognition of UW-Superior's 125th Anniversary, an additional 25 Outstanding Alumni was named during the 2018 All-Class Reunion.

Helen “Missy” Adams, Class of 1952 - 1961 National Teacher of the Year.

Charles F. Anderson, Class of 1903 - Dean of the University of Wisconsin College of Education.

David G. Anderson, Class of 1978 - Regional, State and Federal government and political leader, Alumni and Foundation leader.

David J. Anderson, Class of 1965 - Pharmaceutical researcher and manager with Abbott Laboratories.

Rudy Anderson, Class of 1924 - Attorney, community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Hisao Arimura, Class of 1974 - Professor, creator of exchange programs between UW-Superior and Kobe Yamate Junior College.

Eldon W. Balko, Class of 1953 - Choir conductor, music professor at Valparaiso University.

Harris L. Balko, Class of 1954 - Choir conductor, music professor at UW-Superior.

Carol M. Erickson Banker, Class of 1975 - Science educator, Alumni leader.

Gary C. Banker, Class of 1974 - English educator, playwright, author, Alumni leader.

Jerold P. Bauch, Class of 1958 - Professor, researcher, editor at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.

John Beecroft, Class of 1922 - Editor of the Literary Guild Book Club.

Richard I. Bong - World War II “Ace of Aces”.

Andy Borg, Class of 1933 - Attorney, National VFW Commander.

Karen Brandser Boubel, Class of 1972 - Music professor, Vice President at MSU-Mankato.

Frank Boyle, Class of 1967 - Wisconsin State Representative, Superior Days in Madison founder.

Anthony V. Bukoski, Class of 1970 - Recognized author, emeritus writing professor at UW-Superior.

Oscar K. Buros, Class of 1924 - Education and psychology researcher, creator of Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Lee Ilhee Chai, Class of 1981 - International clarinet performer, professor at Pennsylvania State University. Music Director and Conductor with Cherry Symphony and Orchestra.

Dan Conway, Class of 1963 - Cross-country and track coach, multiple world and national records in master’s track and field.

Darryl E. Coons, Class of 1957 - Business leader, president of Minnesota Forest Industries, Alumni leader.

Charles William Cronk, Class of 1976 - Actor and professional mime.

Charles H. Crownhart - Progressive movement leader, State Normal Schools regent.

John O. Danielson, Class of 1940 - Vice Chancellor for Administration at UW-Superior, community leader.

William M. Downs, Jr. - Business, community, and Alumni leader.

Barbara Tendrup Erickson, Class of 1968 - UW-Superior Registrar, athletics proponent, and Alumni leader.

Richard D. Erickson, Class of 1972 - Professional church musician, professor at Eastman School of Music.

Stephen B. Erickson, Class of 1970 - Broadcaster, communications professor at College of St. Scholastica, Alumni leader.

Jack Evens, Class of 1959 - UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame charter inductee, award-winning Bloomington Jefferson (MN) basketball coach.

Ernest R. Fiedler, Class of 1930 - Administrator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

James M. Foote, Class of 1978 - Vice president of Canadian National Railway.

John D. Fortier, Class of 1967 - Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction for Wisconsin, coach of award winning debate teams.

Lila Frodesen, Class of 1978 - Fashion industry executive.

Robert B. Froehlich, Class of 1969 - School superintendent, president of Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators.

Chrisanne Gates Yule, Class of 1979 - Church musician and choir director.

Elizabeth “Liz” Gray Larson, Class of 1983 - Musical theatre performer, choreographer and actor.

Bruce C. Hagen, Class of 1969 - Superior mayor, state agency administrator, governor’s chief of staff.

Harold P. Hanson, Class of 1942 - Provost at Boston University and Wayne State University.

John C. Haugland, Class of 1954 - Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW-Superior, community leader.

Linda Lombard Hines, Class of 1973 - Gymnastics coach, volunteer of the year for Minnesota Special Olympics, Alumni leader.

Paul Holden - Insurance executive, community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Mary E. Hubler, Class of 1973 - Wisconsin State Representative.

Bob Jauch - Wisconsin State Senator.

Fred E. Johnson, Class of 1975 - School superintendent.

Jean Yeakey Johnson, Class of 1944 - Music teacher, professor of music at UW-Superior, community music leader.

Kenneth R. Johnson, Class of 1968 - Surgeon, professor of surgery at University of Arizona.

Nancy Lovkvist Johnson, Class of 1969 - Vice President of American Family Insurance, state government efficiency consultant, community leader, Foundation leader.

Glenn Karwoski, Class of 1979 - Marketing executive.

Calvin E. Kessler, Class of 1955 - President of Kessler Industries and related manufacturing companies.

Betty Lange Kossak, Class of 1951 - Educator, musician, Alumni leader.

Edward E. Kossak, Class of 1965 - Special educator, President of Superior Vocations Center, Alumni leader.

William Kremer, Class of 1968 - Chair of the Art Department at Notre Dame University.

Carol E. Landis - Science educator, archaeologist.

Max H. Lavine, Class of 1924 - Newspaper manager, community leader.

Katharine F. Lenroot, Class of 1909 - Chief of the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Joseph T. Leszcynski, Class of 1932 - Superior Parks & Recreation director, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.

R. Daniel Little, Class of 1969 - Medical researcher and professor.

Roger Lowney, Class of 1959 - Superintendent of Merrill School District, education consultant.

Gordon MacQuarrie, Class of 1922 - Outdoor columnist and author.

Thomas W. MacQuarrie, Class of 1900 - President of San Jose State Teachers College.

Patrice “Patty” Martin, Class of 1985 - Supervisor of medical laboratories in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

William J. McCoshen, Class of 1985 - Governor’s state policy director, political consultant.

Charles C. McDonald, Class of 1956- US Air Force General and Commander, Air Force Logistics Command.

John M. McFaul, Class of 1968 - Financial consultant, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, community leader, Alumni leader.

Frank F. McGinnis, Class of 1955 - Professor and President, California Association of Professional Music Teachers.

Edward Muelemans, Class of 1970 - Superior Catholic Schools superintendent, Alumni leader.

Douglas Moodie, Class of 1936 - Judge, state judicial leader, community leader, Alumni and Foundation leader.

Americo “Mertz” Mortorelli, Class of 1949 - Athletic director at UW-Superior, founder of and inductee of UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame, coach of football, track, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and golf, youth sports organizer.

Dom A. Moselle, Class of 1950 - Green Bay Packer, physical education professor and coach at UW-Superior.

Sharon L. Parish Nelson, Class of 1975 - Science educator.

Stanley A. Ostazeski, Class of 1952 - US Department of Agriculture research plant pathologist.

David F. Oviatt, Class of 1968 - Railroad professional, athletics proponent, and Alumni leader.

Connie Horyza Peterson, Class of 1970 - Colorado district judge, Foundation leader.

Donald C. Peterson, Class of 1951 - US Air Force Colonel, career-planning director at University of Michigan College of Engineer.

George Rehnstrand, Class of 1946 - Principal with Hayward Community Schools.

Ann M. Rock, Class of 1971 Physician, professor at University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth, UW-Superior Foundation leader.

Robert C. Romans, Class of 1965 - Biology professor at Bowling Green State University.

Angus B. Rothwell, Class of 1930 - Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, executive director of Coordinating Council for Higher Education, State Universities Regent.

Raymond E. Russell - Community leader, founder of UW-Superior Foundation.

Dale H. Schaapveld, Class of 1966 - Educator, Vice President of Wisconsin Federation of Teachers.

Donald L. Schmidt, Class of 1952 - Scientist, invented the spacecraft heat shield for US space flights.

Elizabeth C. Schmidt, Class of 1980 - Nursing instructor, peace and social justice advocate.

Fritz Scholder, Class of 1957 - Internationally recognized Native American artist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Class of 1979 - Bodybuilding champion, actor, Governor of California.

Helga Samuelson Skogsbergh, Class of 1911 - Author of pioneer history.

Pamela Solberg-Tapper, Class of 1975 - Wellness advocate.

Brian Stuart, Class of 1968 - Member of US Army Band, Off-Broadway performer.

Doug Sutherland, Class of 1970 - Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle, veteran of three Super Bowls.

Kathryn Elizabeth Taylor, Class of 1973 - Orchestral performer, member of Borealis Wind Quintet.

Louis J. Thompson, Class of 1957 - Educator, school administrator, Superior school board leader.

Ira Tubbs - Athletic director, football innovator.

Steven J. Uchytil, Class of 1979 - Oil and gas geologist.

Jennifer L. Viets, Class of 1982 - Executive Director of ArtsConnect Chicago.

Dawn R. Mosconi Voegeli, Class of 1976 - Radiologist with Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

Anna Wallin, Class of 1908 - Rural teacher, centenarian.

Grace Walsh, Class of 1932- Professor of speech at UW-Eau Claire, coach of award winning speaking and debate teams.

Jerome F. Wartgow, Class of 1964 - President, Colorado Community College System.

E. James Whittier, Class of 1952 - Executive Vice President of Pacific Mutual Life Insurance, UW-Superior Athletic Hall of Fame inductee.

Paul L. Witkin - Attorney, community leader, UW-Superior Foundation leader.

Tony Yaworski, Class of 1935 - Art instructor for Superior Schools, UW-Madison, WITC, and muralist.