Abby Pittman

The professors get to know you and are very responsive to questions. Letters of recommendation were easy to ask for."

What do you do in your current position?

"I am now the Social Media Marketing Specialist for Marten Transport LTD. I manage and monitor Social Media sites for the company. Marten Transport is a temperature controlled carrier company that provides service to customers in 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico. I have been with the company for five months now and still continuing to learn and enjoy each day!"

Do you think your Spanish minor will come into play in your career?

"I think eventually it could be beneficial for me because we have multiple terminals across the country. In no way am I fluent in the Spanish language, I just have a small understanding and can pick up a few words here and there. I can sometimes get a basic understanding of what is being said when listening, but with time and practice, I am sure I could learn more. It just depends on what situations get thrown at me in the future. Other employees in the other terminals, like Laredo Texas, are bi-lingual."

What internships did you do?

"While attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior I held Marketing internships with UW-Superior's First Year Experience and the Duluth Area Family YMCA. Both prepared me for the use of real-life marketing tactics and made it easier to transfer what I learned in the classroom into the working world right away."

What three words would you use to describe UW-Superior?

"Experience. Independence. Opportunity."

What did you like about the location of UW-Superior?

"It was far enough away from home, but I could easily go back home on the weekends when I wanted to."

Besides academics, how did your time at UW-Superior affect you? 

"I've grown as a person. I enjoyed my stay at UW-Superior the whole time."