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Assessment Coordinator

Office of Assessment

Assessment Coordinator

This 50% administrative appointment (assigned to a faculty member, reporting to the Provost) was created in Spring 2010 to promote, support, and coordinate student learning outcome assessment across the campus.  

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicating to all stakeholders updated information on processes and protocols of student learning assessment at all levels.
  • Providing resources, consultation, and assistance as campus units plan and implement assessment of student learning outcomes. 
  • Receiving and analyzing assessment reports from all units at the University and communicating findings to stakeholders as appropriate.  
  • Coordinating assessment activities across the campus for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Creating professional development opportunities pertinent to Student Learning Assessment.
  • Keeping up with national and regional trends in student learning assessment.
  • Representing the University at the UW System and other meetings as appropriate.

The current Assessment Coordinator is Dr. Eri Fujieda (Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Inquiry). 

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