Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular Assessment began in January 2016, with the work of the Co-Curricular Assessment Task Force. Their work resulted in a pilot assessment of UWS Student Learning goals of Student Employees in Student Affairs

Spring 2020: The assessment of Student Employment is planned to be explored in Spring 2020.

Summer 2019: Student Affairs adds qualitative measures to in-place SkyFactor survey; benchmarks are established at early, intermediate, and advanced learning experiences (in progress in Fall 2019).

Fall 2017: The Library assesses Information Literacy sessions and Reference Desk interactions through chat analyses.

Spring 2016: Athletics begins exit Interviews with students who have exhausted their eligibility on program satisfaction and student learning. The routine is maintained presently.

Spring 2016: Assessment begins in Student Affairs; the many student employees’ positions are mapped to student learning goals and assessed via SkyFactor survey. This routine is maintained presently.