Graduate Learning Goals

Graduate Council
Final Draft Nov. 1, 2016

Mastery of Content

Students will attain mastery of the skills, methods, and knowledge appropriate to the discipline.

  1. Students will demonstrate and be able to apply specialized knowledge and skills from within a discipline or field.
  2. Students will acquire the tools to continue professional development and contribute to a professional field or discipline.

Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility

Students will conduct themselves ethically, and will benefit society through socially responsible leadership.

  1. Students will evaluate ethical issues from multiple viewpoints to determine a reasonable course of action.
  2. Students will demonstrate responsible leadership.
  3. Students will behave ethically.


Students will demonstrate advanced skills in sharing diverse perspectives and professional knowledge using modes of communication appropriate to the discipline.

  1. Students will formulate and organize written materials and deliver oral presentations.
  2. Students will communicate effectively and persuasively when writing.
  3. Students will be able to make effective professional presentations to internal and external audiences.

Scholarly Inquiry and Application

Students will fully engage with knowledge, think critically and imaginatively, formulate their own understanding, and communicate their ideas.

  1. Students will analyze, interpret, and draw meaning from qualitative and quantitative information.
  2. Students will synthesize existing knowledge, identify and use appropriate resources, and critically analyze and evaluate one’s own findings and those of others.
  3. Students will draw information from multiple perspectives, evaluate alternative courses of action, and propose or implement courses of action and/or solutions.