University Studies Assessment

Assessment of the University Studies Program (USP) began in Spring 2016, with assessment of categories in the former General Education program. After 3 pilot projects, the assessment routine became established each fall. The following assessment of the USP have been completed. Both raw data and final reports are available, though not posted here. Please contact the Assessment Coordinator if you would like more information on any of these projects:

Fall 2019: Diversity & Global Awareness (in progress in Fall 2019)

Fall 2018: Fine Arts (Aesthetic Experience) and Natural Sciences

Fall 2017: Core Courses, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Spring 2017: Pilot #3 COMM 110 in concert with Communicating Arts Dept.

Fall 2016: Pilot #2 Gen Ed courses using Academic Service-Learning

Spring 2016: Pilot #1: Fine Arts (Appreciation)

General Education Assessment - Fine Arts Category