Six Fundamental Questions for Conversations on Student Learning

Six Fundamental Questions for Conversations on Student Learning

The following questions can help prompting conversations about student learning and the role of assessment in affirming and improving that learning.  Degree-bearing academic programs as well as co-curricular programs are encouraged to use these questions and develop an assessment plan that would contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.

1. How are your stated student learning outcomes appropriate to your mission, programs, degrees, and students?

2. What evidence do you have that students achieve your stated learning outcomes?

3. In what ways do you analyze and use evidence of student learning

4. How do you ensure shared responsibility for student learning and for assessment of student learning?

5. How do you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your efforts to assess and improve student learning?

6. In what ways do you inform the public and other stakeholders about what students are learning---and how well?

Source: The Higher Learning Commission.  "Student Learning, Assessment, and Accreditation"