Student Learning Goals

UWS Student Learning Goals and Outcomes
Final revisions as submitted to governance bodies, November 2014


Students will understand and be understood by others to share meaning through diverse modes including listening, reading, visualizing, speaking, performing/presenting, creating, and writing.

  1. Students will apply modes, styles, and conventions of communication appropriate to the students’ work and their audience
  2. Students will identify the essential components of a work/presentation and describe their relationship to each other and to the broader context
  3. Students will clearly express themselves to achieve a purpose
  4. Students will civilly engage in an exchange of ideas integrating diverse perspectives

Individual and Social Responsibility

Students will engage in personal development, interpersonal competence, and social responsibility through active learning.

  1. Students will engage in thoughtful analysis that fosters well-being and holistic self-development
  2. Students will articulate their roles and responsibilities in a global community
  3. Students will practice healthy interdependence and mutual respect for others through teamwork
  4. Students will demonstrate informed civic engagement, including intercultural competence as a dimension of the experience
  5. Students will apply ethical reasoning in their academic and community learning experiences

Creative and Critical Thinking

Students will engage in creative and critical thinking and practice based on multiple forms of evidence, processes, and diverse perspectives.

  1. Students will articulate important questions, theories, and creative processes
  2. Students will analyze information to answer specific questions
  3. Students will evaluate assumptions and biases associated with a project, practice, or process
  4. Students will consider multiple, diverse, and global perspectives to answer important questions or produce original work
  5. Students will use evidence to reach and present innovative conclusions or produce original work