Academic Program Assessment

Academic Program Assessment

Academic Programs assess their graduating seniors (or certificate completion students) annually. Each program's disciplinary outcomes can be found in the UW-Superior Catalog

2015-16 Assessment Calendar

Assessment Plans due: December 15, 2015
Feedback on plans from Assessment Committee: before start of classes, January 2016.
Assessment Reports due: Fall 2016 date TBD

Assessment Plan Feedback Rubric

The below rubric is used by the Assessment Committee each December to provide programs with feedback on their annual assessment plan.

The intent of this feedback is to provide departments with information on how far along they are on the path of credible assessment of student learning and guidance on what can be improved. As HLC has been particularly concerned with assessment of student learning, this is a natural step towards strengthening our assessment processes at UW-Superior. The following rubric was developed to guide the process for providing departments with feedback on their reports and plans.

Exemplary (Fully met)

Partially met

Not met/No evidence

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes exist, are specific and measurable

Student learning outcomes exist for the program, but are not always specific and measurable

No student learning outcomes exist for the program/unit

Assessment Plan

Assessment plan exists for the current academic year, and includes details about which SLOs will be assessed, in what context, by whom, with what instrument

Assessment plan exists for the current academic year, but is vague - e.g. not accompanied by assessment instrument

No current assessment plan exists for the program/unit

Assessment Implementation

Assessment data was collected appropriately and in sufficient quantity

Assessment data was collected during the current academic year, but not in sufficient quantity

No assessment data was collected during the current academic year

Use of Assessment Results

Assessment results were disseminated, discussed, and used as a basis for decision-making within the program/unit during the previous academic year

Assessment results were disseminated, but no evidence exists that there was meaningful discussion and/or change implementation during the previous academic year

No evidence exists that assessment results were disseminated or used for program improvement in the past academic year