Fall Semester 2019 Payment Information and Due Dates

Electronic Billing

The University of Wisconsin-Superior does not mail billing statements to students.

Billing statements are only available online via the E-HIVE. To access your billing statement you must know your E-HIVE login & password. Students who don't know their E-HIVE login and password or who are having difficulty accessing the E-HIVE should contact the Computing & Media Services help desk at (715) 394-8300 or (800) 806-2890 (toll free) or e-mail the help desk at: helpdesk@uwsuper.edu. Failure to view your billing statement will not excuse students from payment deadlines.

To access your billing statement simply log into the E-HIVE and follow these steps:

  • Locate the "view bill" link under the Finances heading
  • Choose the appropriate semester 
  • View or print your electronic billing statement

All students are encouraged to view their bill whenever changes are made to their account. For example dropping or adding classes and changes to the meal plan and/or housing status.

Payment Options

Tuition is due in full on or before September 10.

UW-Superior, at its discretion, will extend credit to students unable to pay the tuition in full by September 10. Students are not required to sign up for the installment plan. If you plan on participation in the installment plan, make a $100 minimum down payment by September 10. Failure to pay the minimum $100 by September 10 will result in a $75 late payment fee and may result in de-registration from classes.

The installment plan for the fall term has two options:

Option 1 - Partial Payment Without Service Charge

  1. September 10 - Make a minimum down payment of $100 on or before September 10.
  2. October 8 - Pay 100% of the balance due on or before October 8. To avoid a service charge, the account must be paid in full by October 8. View your billing statement to determine your balance.

Option 2 - Partial Payment With a Service Charge

  1. September 10 - Make a minimum down payment of $100 on or before September 10.
  2. October 8 - Pay 50% of the balance due on or before October 8. A service charge of 1.5% will be assessed on the unpaid balance after this date.
  3. November 5 - Pay the remaining balance due on or before November 5. View your billing statement to determine your balance.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month (annual rate of 18%) will be assessed on the unpaid balance after November 5 and a registration hold will be placed on the account.

Wire Transfer For International Students

UW-Superior has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students. In most cases, Flywire allows you to pay in your home currency, and they maintain a  Best Price Guarantee to ensure you receive a great exchange rate. In addition, the posting of your tuition payment will be faster and you will be notified via email when it is received. Transfers should be in  the amount due for the current term. Refunds will not be issued. In the event of  an  over payment, the credit balance will be added to the subsequent term. 

Online Payment by E-check or Credit Card

UW-Superior accepts E-check, Visa and Mastercard payments via the internet only. We do not accept payment by E-check or  credit card over the phone or at the Cashier's Window. You must have a driver’s license or state issued identification card to use E-check. There is a $1.50 convenience fee charged for each E-check payment transaction and a 2.5% convenience fee will be added to each credit card transaction. 

To make your payment, log into the E-Hive and follow these steps:

  • Click the "View Bill" link
  • Choose the appropriate semester (example: Fall Semester 2020)
  • Be sure the pop-up blocker on your web browser is disabled
  • Click the "Pay Online" button located at the bottom of your e-bill
  • Follow the instructions on the payment page
  • Print the final "Your payment has been accepted..." page as your online receipt

E-check and Credit card payments update the student account balance immediately.

Minnesota Reciprocity

It is the student's responsibility to apply for reciprocity. Reciprocity is not automatic. The state of Minnesota grants reciprocity on the basis of the application provided by the student. Students must apply online at Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Click on: Paying FOR COLLEGE, Online Application and then Tuition Reciprocity. 

Students who do not apply, apply late and/or are not approved will be required to pay non-resident rates.

Payment Deadline

Payment Deadline is September 10, 2018

Registered students must make at least a $100 down payment. Financial aid may be used to meet the required $100 down payment (See Financial Aid Deadlines below). This payment or disbursement of financial aid is due by September 10 in order to avoid cancellation of registration. Students who do not make a down payment by this date will incur a $75 late payment fee (pro-rated for part-time students) and may be de-registered.

Registered students can view the account statement beginning August 7 and contact the Cashier's Office with any questions. Failure to view your account statement will not excuse students from payment deadlines. Students unable to view their account statement should make arrangements with the Cashier's Office to determine payment amounts.

PLEASE NOTE: A withdrawal fee of $50 will be charged to all students who withdraw, or are de-registered, after the semester begins during the 100% refund period. A drop fee of $20 will be assessed for each transaction (independent of number of credits dropped) processed after September 17.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Financial aid may be used to meet the required $100 down payment due September 10 subject to the following:

  1. An award letter must be on file in the Financial Aid Office so aid can be applied before September 10.
  2. Students whose aid does not cover at least $100 must pay the difference out-of-pocket by September 10.
  3. Students meeting #1 but whose aid has not arrived on campus by September 10 must pay the $100 minimum payment to avoid being charged a late payment fee.

Direct Credit of Aid to Your Bill: Most financial aid types will be credited directly to the student's bill, including direct loans, grants, and foundation scholarships.

Refunds: Most financial aid is applied directly to the student's account. A refund will be issued for any amount of aid that exceeds the student's charges. Please refer to the Refunds link on this page for detailed information.

Financial aid that cannot be applied directly to the student's account must be picked up at the Cashier's window and applied to the student's account by September 10 to avoid the $75 late payment fee. Examples of this type of financial aid include scholarship checks, SELF LOANS and alternative loans or BIA grants. Checks that are needed to pay fees must be picked up by September 10 to avoid late payment fees.

Fee Payment Location and Hours

Old Main, Room 136 - Cashier Office

Regular Hours:

7:45am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday

A payment drop box is located outside of the office to the right of the door. Only check payments should be deposited in the drop box. Please write your student ID on the check.

Graduate Education Online

The full calendar with payment deadlines can be found for each of our online programs.

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