Refunding Information

Refunding Information

UW-Superior has contracted with Higher One, a refund vendor, to provide refunding options to students. Refunds result from financial aid disbursements in excess of the balance due and withdrawals during the refund period in excess of payments. All registered UW-Superior students will receive a Higher One refund card.The card will be sent to the mailing address entered in your student center (EHIVE).

To receive a refund promptly you should activate the program and choose one of two refund options.

1.ACH Bank Transfer.

The refund will be transferred to the bank or credit union of your choice. You must complete the transfer form on line, print and sign it and drop it off in the Cashier's Office or you can mail it directly to Higher One. The refund will be available 2-3 business days from the date the credit balance is posted to your account.

2.Higher One Refund Card (One Account)

Higher OneThe refund will be deposited directly to a One Account and your funds will available on the debit card. This is not a credit card so you want to treat the account like a checking account and avoid overdraft charges. Please review all fee associated with additional financial products offered by Higher One. The Fee schedule link is found at the bottom every Higher One online page.

The Department of Education regulations outline that if a refund has not been delivered to the recipient by the 21st calendar day from the date they were notified of the refund, a check must be mailed no later than the 21st day.To comply with the regulations, Higher One will now automatically mail a check to the recipient when the refund is in one of the following statuses.

  • Preference Inactive (i.e., cardholder does not have a refund preference established)
  • Awaiting ACH Transfer Form

Through a contractual relationship with Higher One, UW-Superior offers optional bank accounts that are linked to the Higher One card. Students, faculty, and staff are not required to open an account with Higher One, and they do not need to have a Higher One account in order to use services, such as meal plans, and the library. Many financial institutions are available within the community to meet personal banking needs, and UW-Superior encourages everyone to consider all options. UW-Superior followed a competitive procurement process in selecting and contracting with Higher One and, as part of that contract, receives financial consideration that is used to pay the administrative cost of the program. Any revenue exceeding the program cost will be spent on student programs as defined by the student government.

Most financial aid is disbursed directly to your student account. When the aid exceeds the balance a refund will be issued. Please review your account by logging on to your student center and clicking VIEW BILL.

Financial aid that cannot be applied directly to the student's account must be picked up at the Cashier's window and applied to the student's account. If the account is paid in full the payment the credit balance will be refunded through your Higher One preference.Examples of this type of financial aid include scholarship checks, SELF LOANS and alternative loans or BIA grants.