Non-Contract Purchases: Less than $5,000

When there is no mandatory State or agency contract, purchases less than $5,000 may be awarded to a vendor best judged able to provide goods or services.  If you have a University procurement card please consider whether the purchase can be completed on procurement card before completing a purchase requisition or online field order.  If the purchase is not allowed on procurement card, complete a purchase requisition (printed on green paper) and forward it to Purchasing, Main 206.  Supporting documents such as quotes, agendas, advertisement proofs, membership applications, agreements, etc... should be attached to the purchase requisition.

Purchase Requisition

If you have completed field order training, follow the link below for instructions on placing an online field order.

Placing a Field Order (E-Hive)

Entertainer & Public Speaker

Any entertainer or public speaker performing on campus must sign the entertainer & public speaker contract. Tammy Fanning is the designated University signature for all student organizations. Students may not sign on behalf of the University.  Jan Hanson is the designated signature for staff with the exception of those working directly with Tammy.  The completed contract is forwarded to Purchasing with a completed purchase requisition. Please allow at least 10 business days when requesting a check to be presented to the entertainer or speaker.

NEW Entertainer/Public Speaker Contract


Purchasing Office / Old Main 206 / 715-394-8383 /