Simplified Procurement Guide

Note: The Purchasing Agent is available to provide assistance with purchasing items at any time.  You DO NOT have to do this function yourself; however, you may choose to procure commodities if you have all of the information that is needed at your disposal, and the procurement is less than $5,000.  REMEMBER, THE PURCHASING OFFICE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE VENDORS UPON NOTIFICATION TO DEPARTMENTS IF IT RESULTS IN SAVINGS TO THE UNIVERSITY.  Do not commit funds prior to the actual issuance of a purchase order.  Procurements of up to $25,000 need only the cost center custodian signature except as follows: Procurements for books, media resource related equipment, computer related equipment and employment related services. All of these items require additional authorizations before they can be purchased.


Simplified Bids:
$5,000 - $24,999 Requisitioner may do or ask the Purchasing Office for assistance. Three quotes are required for items in this price range.

Official Sealed Bids

$25,000 or over.  The Purchasing Office MUST administer all sealed bids.


General Services - The same rules apply here as those for commodities.

Construction Services - Must be handled by Facilities Management - this includes all trade related functions. Contact the Purchasing Office for details, as these services may also need union approval.

Revenue Generating - Must process through the Purchasing Office, and will be finalized by Madison.

Entertainment/Speakers - A special form is needed to procure these services- See Speaker/Entertainer Contract. Contact the Purchasing Office for purchases in excess of $3,200.00 for the year for withholding information.

Printing - Printing services are governed by a separate set of rules.  ALL printing must go through the University Advancement Office.  Please contact Ellen Fure at extension 8458.

Emergency Situations Are Defined As Follows:

Threats to public health, safety, or welfare; and all the following exists: was
unforeseen, calls for immediate action, and cannot be responded to using
established procurement methods.

Exists as the result of a proclamation by the Governor under s.166.03(1)(b)1
Wisconsin statutes.

YOU MUST NOTIFY THE PURCHASING OFFICE for waiver approval and procedures, and written justification must follow within 72 hours of authorization.  Waivers per transaction of $25,000 must be obtained from the Governor's Office or the Governor's designee.