Purchasing Card Site Manager Guide

Purchasing Card Site Manager Guide & Procedures

  • Set up a file folder for each Purchasing Card. Enter the cardholder's name and cost center number at the top of the folder.
  • Obtain signed and dated bi-weekly statement and supporting documentation from the cardholder within 15 days of statement date.
  • Notify the Purchasing Card Administrator of any site manager changes.

When the bi-weekly statement is received:

  • Pull the cardholder's pending file.
  • Match the transactions on the statement with the receipts/documents.
  • Staple the original receipts/order forms/packing slips to the statement.  Make sure the documentation is attached in the same order as it appears on the statement.
  • Investigate and verify any transactions on the bi-weekly statement that do not have documentation.  If the original documentation cannot be found: circle the charge on the statement, attach an explanation which describes what was purchased and the business purpose of the purchase. Note: A pattern of missing original documentation or questionable purchases may result in the loss of Purchasing Card privileges for the cardholder.
  • Request reimbursement for any inappropriate purchases, and send copy of deposit receipt to the Purchasing Card Administrator.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Purchasing Card Administrator and the cost center manager.
  • In cases of billing disputes, please complete the necessary action to resolve the matter.  Work directly with the bank or merchant to make needed adjustments.  Keep adequate records to assure credits on the next statement.
  • Sign and date the bi-weekly statement within 30 days of statement date.  Your signature on the statement certifies the following:
    • you have reviewed and verified that all transactions are supported by original documentation on the statement
    • all purchases on the statement are necessary to further the mission of the department and all the charges are legitimate, reasonable, and appropriate
    • purchases are in compliance with campus Purchasing Card policies, and you authorize payment of the statement
  • File the statement in a secure location for audit.

The entire amount on the bi-weekly statement will be charged to the university cost center number assigned to the Purchasing Card. If any purchases need to be charged to another cost center, prepare a transfer of expense form.

Receipts - (Purchases made by cardholder in person)

  • Obtain both the credit card receipt and the detail receipt listing items purchased.
  • Make sure the detail receipt provides enough information regarding what was purchased.
  • Place receipts in appropriate Purchasing Card file folder.

Receipts - (Purchases made by cardholder by phone/fax/mail/e-mail/web)

  • Obtain the original order form, or substitute, such as a computer screen print-out, and the packing slip once the order is received.
  • Place receipts/papers in appropriate Purchasing Card file folder.

Questions? Comments? Problems? Please contact the Purchasing Office.