Travel Expense Report Procedures

Prepare a Travel Expense Report (TER) Form

The TER may be accessed for completion and printing in the TravelWIse portal. Please reference the travel policy when completing the form to verify you are in compliance of ALL travel policies. 

Note all expenses and explanation for the expense on the TER whether prepaid, paid by others or requesting reimbursement for.  Put expenses that are prepaid and/or paid by others in the greyed out section of TER.  Put expenses requesting reimbursement for in the white section of TER.

Necessary documentation

The following documents/information must be attached to or on the TER for it to be considered complete:

  • All original receipts for expenses to be reimbursed
  • Copies of all receipts for prepaid expenses. (Ex:  paid on pro card)
  • Copy of conference/event registration and conference/event agenda
  • Any additional information that may be necessary to complete travel history
  • All appropriate signatures and cost center

Obtain the Necessary Approval Signatures

The TER needs to be signed by the traveler, the traveler's supervisor and by the person who is responsible for the cost center that is being charged if different than the supervisor.  Send the completed original TER and all supporting documentation, including copies of prepaid documents, to:  Business Office, Old Main, Room 206.


All campus reimbursement requests will be processed within ten working days from the date the request is received in the Business Office provided the request is complete with all necessary information and complies with all travel regulations. 

Reimbursement is processed via ACH for all UW-Superior Employees. 

Any incomplete requests could take longer for reimbursement. (see below)

Inquiries regarding the availability of payment should be directed to the Travel Manager - Dawn McMillan, ext. 8384.

Problem Reimbursement Requests

If a reimbursement request has a problem when audited, the requestor will be contacted via e-mail with an explanation of what items are needed or are in question. When the problem has been resolved, the TER will be processed and distributed as per above.  If no response is received in regards to an e-mail request, the TER will be sent back to the requestor via campus mail.

CLAIMANT'S STATEMENT. 16.53 Wisconsin Statutes. I declare (under penalties of perjury) this account of travel expenses is accurate and conforms with all applicable University and State regulations. The expenses are actual, reasonable, and were personally incurred in performance of my official duties. No portion of this claim was provided free of charge, covered by a registration fee, previously reimbursed from any other source, or will be paid from any other source in the future.