Beekeeping 103

SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2019, 9 AM - 12 PM

Location: Swenson Hall 1013

Let’s Talk Bees is the third of a series of five, three-hour workshops on how to raise and care for honey bees.

Taught by UWS Apiary Manager Dr. Edward Burkett, the Beekeeping 103 Workshop is designed to teach first-year beekeepers how to care for their NEW honey bees.

Topics to be covered include early summer hive management, honey bee diseases and parasites, Varroa Mite monitoring, swarm biology and prevention, how to capture a swarm, and queen capture and marking. The workshop will conclude with a question and answer session.

The Beekeeping 103 Workshop targets first-year beekeepers that have previously completed the Beekeeping 101 and 102 Workshops, but second-year beekeepers will also benefit.

This workshop is a MUST for the beginning beekeeper.

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