Isolation and Loneliness in Life's Transitions

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2019, 8:30 AM - 12 PM

Location: Swenson Hall 2004

Talking about Death with the Living (Amanda Lilly, MSW)
Society’s collective fear about the topic of death and the desire to ‘talk about something more pleasant’ is creating social isolation for those who are walking the path of their mortality.  Family, friends, and loved ones are at a loss of what to say when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness and typically supply canned statements of hope in place of real connection.  While death itself is a solitary journey, there is still living to do!  This workshop will provide tools to delve into the richness of having conversations and engaging about death and end of life while honoring the path of private reflection through compassion and understanding. 

• Participants will increase their ability to address the stigma and cultural aversion to discussions about death and end of life.
• Participants will learn communication and inclusion strategies to help them when interacting with those with a terminal illness.
• Participants will become familiar with The Five Wishes and other tools to facilitate end of life planning.

Dealing with Grief and Loss (Mary McGrath, LMFT, emeritus)
The death of a loved one may bring feelings of loneliness as we miss the companionship of the loved one and we may need time alone to grieve.  Too often though, family and friends avoid the person who is grieving because they don’t know what to say, adding isolation and more loneliness to the grieving person’s pain.  This workshop will provide tools to help the person who is grieving reach out for what they need and tools to help those who don’t know what to say find a way to be comfortable just being present.



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