Organizational Leadership | Strategic & Adaptive Leadership

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2022, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: Yellowjacket Union Room 203

Leadership today requires seizing new opportunities, weighing new perspectives, controlling and managing new threats, and adapting to new workplace challenges ...all in compressed time frames. It isn't enough to possess the competencies of a decade ago -- vision, integrity, communications, decision making, interpersonal skills, problem solving, trust building -- the list goes on. You need these competencies, and more.

There is an evolving workforce and culture. The competitive marketplace requires re-evaluating your organizations' strengths and talents. Unexpected opportunities as well as unexpected threats require a heightened level of strategizing and risk taking. Hiring the best team often means redesigning open positions to meet ever-changing needs.

Ongoing leadership development has never been more important. If you think the leadership course you enrolled in several years ago was enough, consider the technological advances, the speed of distribution, the number of new products, the preferences of your workforce - and significantly ...the new businesses springing up and the business failures that are happening today.

Join the conversation about Strategic and Adaptive Leadership. We will discuss the balance between stability and agility, between flexibility and the non-negotiables.

We will encourage (instill with courage) your abilities and ask you to re-think your thinking about Leadership in 2022.



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