2013 Emerging Leader Awards Presented

Posted on May 16, 2013

Four students honored as this year's Emerging Leaders.

On Monday, May 13 students were honored as this year's Emerging Leaders. Eleven students were nominated by faculty, staff, and peers. The four winners, Rebecca Anderson, Debbie Burmeister, Nutcha (Ern) Charoenboon, and Yer Vang were named this year's recipients by Campus Life. Winners were selected based on the significant, positive growth in their leadership skills, dependability and dedication to an organization, team, or unit, their creativity, resourcefulness, and effective group interaction skills and their commitment to serving the campus community.

Nominator Dr. Maria Cuzzo said of Rebecca Anderson:
Rebecca is one of those unique and special students who believes a liberal arts education involves more than taking classes---it is being involved, participating and serving her campus. Rebecca serves in Residence Life as an Academic Resource Coordinator, was a standout member of Mock Trial last year, and is deeply engaged in Amnesty International and the International Peace Studies Association. Through all this involvement she has remained one of the truly outstanding academic leaders in her majors, embodying the liberal arts tradition of active learning, engaged scholarship and living a heart of service.

Nominator Ms. Tammy Fanning said of Debbie Burmeister:
Over the past semester Debbie has demonstrated outstanding leadership while initiating two high-profile events for the Gender Equity Center. Debbie shares her creativity, resourcefulness, and effective group interaction skills and has been a gift to the Center. Debbie also has great skills in interacting with students, staff and faculty and motivating volunteers to achieve a purpose and celebrate their accomplishments. Debbie was recently hired as the Student Program Manager and lead student for LGBT topics in the Gender Equity Center for 2013-2014. The Center is excited for Debbie to use her passion for serving, ability to build rapport, creative talents and leadership to educate campus and help fulfill the Gender Equity Center mission.

Nominator Ms. Carol Knoble said of Ern Charoenboon:
The first thing most people notice about Ern is her energy and smile, both of which are omnipresent. This year Ern has served as a Resident Assistant with Residence Life, an officer in Students of Science, a Student Government Senator, active choir member, and an executive board member of the World Student Association. In her role in WSA, Ern communicates her own ideas and opinions, she is confident to disagree and not go along with popular opinion or do something simply because it has been done in the past. Ern shows great maturity and leadership. Through her many roles on campus she serves as a role model for many students. Next year she is participating in the RA Exchange program though National Student Exchange to Rhode Island. She is doing something out of the ordinary, therefore showing other students that there is more than one way to take advantage of opportunities here at UWS.

Nominators Dr. Maria Cuzzo and Ms. Emily Levings said of Yer Vang:
Yer believes in serving her community, getting involved and making a difference. Currently, she is president of the International Peace Studies Association, one of the leading Mock Trail veterans, student employee in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Vice President of Student Government Association. Yer is not content to stand back and let others do the heavy lifting. She is willing to put herself out there in the campus community and step up to the hard jobs. She does them with grace, wisdom, and dignity that is beyond her years. I am deeply proud of the emerging leader that she is and is becoming and look forward to seeing the pathways that Yer will walk in the future.

Congratulations Rebecca, Debbie, Ern, and Yer!

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