Campus Life Spotlight: Celebrate our community with College Rocks

Posted on May 10, 2011

The month of May can mean several things on a university campus; final exams, commencement, senior presentations, parents arriving to take loads of belongings home, and emotional goodbyes to friends.

At UW-Superior, it also means College Rocks. College Rocks began 4 years ago out of the Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) office. Dacia Selzler, Counselor in SHCS, says College Rocks is a way to "celebrate a successful year, kick back before finals, and showcase some of our wonderful music talent we have on campus.  It's a time when students, faculty, and staff can come together outside the classroom to socialize and clear their mind."

While, traditions and celebrations can be viewed as events that are put on just for fun, many of the events at UW-Superior are grounded in research, best practices, and student development theory. Celebrations like College Rocks help create a sense of community on campus. According to Strange & Banning (2001) in Educating by Design, community development "…depend[s] on the attraction of a critical mass of involved participants" (p 165). Lunchtime entertainment, games, and food all assist in creating that critical mass of involved students, faculty, and staff during an important time of year. End of the year impressions of an institution are the lasting impressions that students carry with them through the summer.

Kouzes and Posner (2008) indicate that celebrations can also reinforce shared values among a community. Events like College Rocks provide the opportunity for renewing community members' sense of ownership in UW-Superior. This renewal in UW-Superior helps students carry a powerful feeling of community and connection with the institution into the summer months while students are at home or working.

College Rocks creates an opportunity for student, faculty, and staff to come together as a community and celebrate UW-Superior and the end of another academic career. Take some time this week to stop by the YU at noon, or the Rock the Block concert Friday night at the YU Plaza. It may be dreary outside, but it is always sunny at the YU!

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