Campus Life Spotlight: Leadership Academy

Posted on Apr 26, 2011

On Sunday, April 17 over 100 students gathered for the annual Leadership Academy held in the Yellowjacket Union.

The event has been an annual happening for more than 10 years and this year was the second year featuring a format that challenged students to actively engage in leadership. The event was set up in a pentathlon style, pitting teams against each other in 5 different activities.

The theme this year was communication and included activities that focused on how we communicate with our words but also with our non-verbal actions. The activities varied from a 30 second introduction challenge to puzzle building without instructions, relying solely on your team to guide you.

The event was planned and conducted by a group of about 20 students filling roles from coordinator of the entire event to judges for each individual activity. This year the planning committee was made up of a number of first year students, something not often seen with events like this. The involvement of the first year class shows that they are engaged and looking for opportunities to learn and share.

The Leadership Academy is traditionally held the 3rd Sunday in April and is a great opportunity for students to get involved and learn skills that can help them in the future. For more information about the Leadership Academy, contact Meghan O'Toole-Gott at

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