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Campus Life Spotlight: No Gigs for Pigs

Posted on Nov 9, 2010
Career Services provides opportunity to learn etiquette skills.
As we get closer to the end of the semester, graduating students are beginning to take that next inevitable step, a full-time job.  Students are tasked with finding employment after their experiences at UW-Superior, which can be daunting in itself.  There are many things to consider including resumes, cover letters, interviews, business dinners, and proper attire. 

Career Services at UW-Superior recently hosted the 'No Gigs For Pigs' Fall Etiquette Dinner on November 3 to help students navigate the confusing arena of the professional dining etiquette.  Offering an opportunity for students to network and learn proper behavior when dining with a prospective employer, No Gigs for Pigs is a great time for students to learn in a setting where a job is not on the line.

Students learn about basic etiquette including:  

  • When the right time to sit down is? 
  • Where to put your bread roll?  
  • How to properly hold your fork and knife? 

This great program allows the student to become more familiar with the process and be more comfortable when faced with that situation as a part of a job interview.  For more information on No Gigs for Pigs Spring Etiquette Dinner on April 6, 2011, please contact Career Services at 715-394-8024.  


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