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Campus Life Spotlight: Student Government Association

Posted on Nov 2, 2010
Student Government Association connects with student body.
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Campus Life Spotlight: Student Government Association

With mid-terms underway, the Student Government Association is busy with projects of its own. The main project for the fall semester is increasing student awareness of differential tuition. According to President Jessica Duffy, "There are a lot of different ideas being thrown around, and we are attempting to gather the opinions of the students and properly represent them in the formation of this new differential. We are asking what students want and need on campus and then asking how much they are willing to pay for it."

Legislative Affairs Director, Hanna Durfee partnered with United Council, Haji Dokhanchi's Political Science class, and enthusiastic campus members to get out the vote and encourage students to exercise their powers as voting citizens. 

All students are encouraged to come out and meet their representatives on November 15 during "Meet your Government Night." This event is held to help students understand their resources on campus and within the SGA. 

The connections Student Government representatives are making with the student body go a long way, especially in the positive effects it has on their college experience. According to Astin's Theory of Involvement (1995), "students who become actively involved in student government interact frequently with their peers, and this interaction seems to accentuate the changes normally resulting from the college experience."  


Astin, A. (1995). Student involvement: A developmental theory for higher education. Journal of College Student Development, 40(5), 518-529.


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