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Posted on Sep 7, 2010
Residence Halls Hold First Study Event

Students that stayed on campus for Labor Day weekend had a variety of activities to keep them busy. But they weren't just all fun and games! The Academic Resource Coordinators in the Residence Halls held a "First Study" program for students to encourage positive study skills and introduce them to tutoring and academic resources at UWS. Although most students didn't have much homework assigned yet, several students showed up and studied ahead. According to Crownhart Hall ARC Martin Minteer, "it was a great opportunity for students to get off to an early lead in academics and find other student who are serious about academics and could possible help them throughout the year." The students that attended First Study in Ross Hall were impressed with the new tutor room complete with new carpeting, couches and tables.  

The study "Predictors of Residence Hall Involvement" from the Journal of College Student Development 44.4, found that "students who are more involved in their living community tend to be more satisfied with their living environment, both academically and socially, and thus can find it easier to study and collaborate academically with others in their community." To check out the study:  

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