About UWS Career Services

About UWS Career Services

 University of Wisconsin-Superior Career Services


Mission Statement

UW-Superior Career Services, in partnership with faculty, staff and employers, provides students and alumni with opportunities and resources to identify career goals and develop life-long career management skills.

Vision Statement

UW-Superior Career Services strives to be a recognized and valued service to the students, alumni, university and community as the premier provider of career development expertise and programming.

Learning Objectives

In order to develop life-long career management skills, students and alumni will:

  1. Identify their skills, abilities, and strengths and how they relate to appropriate career paths
  2. Recognize the connection between their chosen major, careers, and employers
  3. Set goals, create an action plan, and make knowledgeable decisions to reach their goals
  4. Prepare professional application materials and practice interviewing techniques to confidently promote their skills and abilities
  5. Articulate the value of their liberal arts education to employers
  6. Organize and conduct a job search

Core Values and Commitment

Values that we apply to our daily work with students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.

The Liberal Arts Tradition - We value the mission, vision and initiatives of the institution by developing programs and strategies that support the liberal arts tradition. 

Individual Empowerment and Respect for Diversity - We accept each student as a unique individual by supporting their interests, encouraging their development, listening to their ideas, and connecting them to resources that engage and facilitate learning.

Customer Service - We provide exceptional customer service for our patrons by understanding their unique needs, goals, and objectives.

Collaboration & Partnering - We create, build, and maintain relationships with student organizations, academic departments, employers, and alumni to deliver the innovative career and professional programs that meet the diverse needs of the entire community.

Experiential Learning and Internships - We value career-exploration and discovery, experiential learning, career-decision making and lifelong learning by promoting internships, volunteerism, service learning, and study abroad opportunities as part of the undergraduate experience.

Technological Inclusiveness - We commit to 24 /7 access to Career Service for all patrons by ensuring our career exploration, professional development, internship and job search tools are web-based.

Feedback & Continuous Improvement - We value assessment and feedback to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our programs.  We commit to staying current with trends, innovations and methods to ensure we are serving our patrons to the very best of our ability.


Counsel students in the exploration, development and implementation of their major and career plans. (Career Plans can include graduate and professional school, services and/or employment activities.)

Provide Career Assessment  to  students and alumni to help them identify their strengths, interests, skills, values and personality traits in order to make intelligent career and life choices.

Teach career success strategies for successful transition from college to career.

Connect  students and alumni to the community and employers by providing a web-based recruiting system of postings for internship, volunteer, part-time and full-time opportunities.

Provide a Network of Professionals to students and alumni by coordinating programming and resources which offer opportunities for alumni and friends to connect with the university.

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