Family Guide

Family Guide

Parents and Friends, you are a major influence in the career decisions your student makes over the next few years. Here are ways you can help encourage and guide their planning process. Follow the tabs to learn the roles students, parents, friends, and Career Services take when developing a student's career goals.

First Year

Student's Role

  • Take time to get to know yourself and pay attention to the classes you most enjoy.
  • Establish relationships with your academic advisor and faculty.
  • Visit Career Services to explore different majors and careers.
  • Get involved! Join a campus organization or club in an area of interest.
  • Explore volunteer opportunities, internships, or part-time jobs to gain crucial experience for your resume.
  • Keep track of your experiences with a record of accomplishments.
  • Attend the Head of the Lakes Job & Internship Fair to discover what the world of work looks like, gather information to help you choose a major, and learn more about careers you might wish to pursue.
  • Consider taking IDS 297, "Exploring Majors and Academics" for further major exploration.

Parent's Role

  • Support your student in making grades a top priority.
  • Encourage your student to meet with their professors, academic advisor, and Career Services to address their concerns or questions.
  • Talk with your student about different campus clubs or activities that might match their interests or career goals.
  • Encourage your student to use Jacket Jobs to find a part-time job internship, or volunteer activity.
  • Promote Career Services' job fairs and events.

Career Services' Role

  • Offer two regional job fairs to help students connect with the world of work.
  • Help students identify their unique skills, interests, and passions.
  • Support students in self-exploration to discover major and career direction.
  • Help students discover what they can do with their major.
  • Assist students in finding part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities.

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